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The Master Algant is a two-year 2nd cycle university course of study in pure mathematics, with a strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory, which is offered to all interested students since September 2004 in the framework of the Algant Consortium. Every student participating in the Algant Master will study two years and will be able to obtain a double degree: this is a diploma from the hosting institutions and a diploma supplement mentioning the Algant track. For updated info and deadlines keep looking at the Algant Home Page.

For any further question regarding Milano in the Algant network please email to

Algant Consortium

The ALGANT consortium consists of the following partners:


Students can apply via the online procedure hosted on the main Algant website. Usually, applications are open in December and January. There are a number of scholarship available, both from the consortium, and from each institution above. The results are generally available in March.

Incoming students

The courses for the next academic year are detailed in the Courses tab. 

  • If you attend as a first year student, you need to take courses for 60 credits; 
  • as a second year, only 30 credits from classes as the other 30 will be your master thesis. 

Both need to take 6 credits of "Applied Math", usually Numerical Linear Algebra, and 3 credits of type F, that will usually be a seminar.

Here are the Algant courses at the University of Milan. A full year consists of 60 credits.

In parenthesis are indicated the CFU credits, where 6+3 means that you can either take the 6 credits version, or the 9 credits one.

Frequently asked questions

The program is made up of 120 ECTS credits. Of these, 60 credits come from classes taken in the first year, 30 credits from classes in the second year, and 30 from the thesis.

Usually, you ask a professor of one of the classes you have attended for a topic which will extend what you did in that particular class.